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Slash budgets and schedules using our CBS animation production system

Imagine producing a half-hour animated show in just half-an-hour! It’s possible with BaskeMus’s revolutionary Cartoon Broadcast System, (CBS). Animate once and leverage the same assets across all of your broadcast, web, e-book, game and app projects for budgets as low as $200 per minute of animation.

Think of the CBS as broadcast-ready digital puppet theater. Elements (backgrounds, characters, effects) are placed into a scene, the character’s lip sync is generated on the fly by live voice talent or pre-recorded voice tracks, and the characters are brought to fully-animated life before your eyes via an easy to use control pad. The system outputs full resolution finished animation ready for broadcast, tape or digital video files.

The CBS has been used to produce thousands of hours of broadcast animation for leading global networks, including CBBC (Britain), Nickelodeon (Scandinavia & UK), SVT (Sweden), ZDF (Germany) and Teletoons (France).

The system has been used to create a wide array of content including:

  • Cartoons
  • Daily animated talk shows
  • Interactive television experiences
  • Live animated appearances
  • Animated assets for in-game content, virtual worlds and other interactive environments


Curious how you can use CBS in your productions?

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CBBC’s The Nelly Nut show

When Children’s BBC was looking for an on-air game, they came to us and ended up with a whole lot more—a fully animated daily kids talk show featuring call-in games and on-air cartoon characters that kids could talk with. BaskeMus brought Nelly to life in The Nelly Nut Show, producing an original half-hour animated show five days a week for two years.


LICENSED TO INTERNATIONAL BROADCASTERS • Children’s BBC, TV2, Teletoon FRANCE, ZDF, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen

BaskeMus designed, developed the animated talk show The Nelly Nut Show for Children’s BBC (CBBC), using our revolutionary Cartoon Broadcast System. An original animated half-hour was produced 5 days a week for two years, including live call-in interaction with the audience, live games, and ten minutes of live animation. Nelly Nut became the most popular show. It was licensed to Danish TV2 as an interactive game show, as well as to Teletoon France, ZDF, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (Second German Television), and a range of other international broadcasters.



BaskeMus’s Cartoon Broadcast System has been serving up fresh animation daily for the animated show “Cafe Central,” which recently aired on Portuguese RTP2. Cafe Central is developed and produced by HOP Televisao in Porto, Portugal and is made possible by BaskeMus’s revolutionary Cartoon Broadcast System. A new daily episode is created from scratch each morning and airs that same evening. The production time per 11-minute episode is only 5 hours, from voice record to the final animation.


For Scandinavian Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon UK

BaskeMus produced, using the Cartoon Broadcast System, the animated interstitial series Sven and Bat, for Scandinavian Nickelodeon & Nickelodeon UK. The production contained 900 components used as interstitials and network packaging elements. BaskeMus also built a companion Sven and Bat website, featuring a wide range of web games.


A daily 5-minute topical animated series for German Broadcaster NDR.

German HD Entertainment used the Cartoon Broadcast System to translate a popular morning radio sketch into a daily 5-minute animated comedy program, “Breakfast with Steffi.” Each day’s show was created using the audio from that morning’s radio broadcast, bringing topical jokes on current events to air on North Germany’s biggest network the same evening, for a total of 1,110 minutes of animation in the first year.

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