Interactive Story App

It all started with a small job for xxxxxxxxxxx. He asked us to make a small early learning app and that soon evovled into something much bigger. Instead of just developing the series of apps he needed and wanted we decided to invest and create an app engine to cost-effectively create interactive apps with illustrations and animations wheter educational or pure entertainment. Production costs are high, very high when producing kids content so we set out to develop the basic assets in Adobe Animate as there are over 10 million highly skilled Flash animators worldwide. We export the assets and the behaviour into a format our app engine could read and understand. Each page/spread in the app is just one flash file and what you see there is what you get in the app. We are putting the finishing touches on three apps for Herbert right now and next in the pipeĀ  is 6 apps from our own universe KatjaKaj & BenteBent. On the next title our production cost has been cut with more than 60%.